TRC Data Recovery Ltd offer Data Recovery Services to individuals and businesses throughout the UK and Europe. We understand that there is a choice of Data Recovery providers, but here are some of the reasons that we believe that we are the best choice for recovery of your lost files.

Why Choose TRC Data Recovery?

With so many options out there, so why choose TRC? Well we think that we offer the best all round service at an incredibly competitive price, but we also offer:

No Recovery-No Fee

Providing that your media is not encrypted and has not been improperly handled, TRC Data Recovery Ltd will take on your recovery free and only charge in the event that a full recovery is performed. Should we only be able to recover some of your files, the choice is yours as to whether you proceed with the recovery or not.

High Success Rates

Our skills and expertise lead to excellent success rates on all forms of recovering data. We can recover your lost data from Hard Drives, SSD, Flash Memory and RAID Arrays, often in cases where other companies have failed.

See your files before you pay

Using our interactive recovered data viewer, we can show you what files and folders can be recovered from your failed storage device before we ask you to pay for the recovery.

Support for all modern computer media

From failed SD cards to hard drives and large storage arrays, TRC Data Recovery can retrieve your lost data from all kinds of storage media. Call an engineer to discuss your particular data loss situation.

Excellent Customer Service

From a quotation to return of your data, you can expect superb support, advice and help from our dedicated team.

If you have lost data and need to retrieve it, contact TRC Data Recovery Ltd for a no-obligation quotation.

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