Chk-Back 2 Release

TRC Data Recovery are pleased to announce the release of Chk-Back 2, the second version of our application designed to allow users to regain access to data lost by the Microsoft ChkDisk utility.

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Although similar in appearance the second version has been redeveloped based on user feedback. Primarily the new version differs from the previous in the way it allows users to get their data back. As well as greatly increased file type support it can now be fully customised to search for specific file types greatly improving the time needed to regain access to lost data and irradicating the possibility of recovering unwanted files.

The application is still completely free of charge and can be installed from here.

We have also created an instruction manual and video:

After installation select the folder containing your Chk files and choose which file types you would like the application to test for from settings. Click start and leave the application to process each of the chk files it detects. The number of chk files will determine the length of time the application will need to process, if you have a large volume of chk files simply leave it running.

On completion Chk-Back 2 will (assuming it identifies data from the original chk file), create a folder within the source labeled 'ChkBack 2 Results'. A copy will be made within that folder for each file recognised with the correct file extension. Original files are never altered.

We are always open to comments or suggestions please contact us.

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