Data Recovery Costs

What does data recovery cost?

Data recovery is a very complicated process. Consider the value of the lost data, can it be replaced?

If not then you need to appreciate the complexity of what we need to carry out to regain access to the lost data. A memory card or USB stick can be purchased for a few pounds but when they fail it takes a huge amount of technology and resources to get the data back, a device costing £3.99 cannot be recovered for £10, £20 or even £30 when it fails.

What device has failed?

Prices for recovery depend on the device that has failed, mechanical hard disks are more expensive than a low capacity memory card. Recovery fees for flash storage devices start from £75, hard disk recovery fees start from £99 for logical issues and £199 for hard disk failures (prices are subject to vat at the current rate).

Send us the details surrounding your lost data, we will evaluate the scenario and provide a quote based on the device which has failed and how it has failed. If the data is something you can get back by doing a little work on your behalf you probably won't need a data recovery service. If the data isn't easily replaceable we are here to help.

The only thing you can do is to evaluate the value of the data that has been lost!

It doesn't matter what you device is nor how it has failed, in most cases we offer a no recovery no fee service. You only pay if we can get your data back*! There are some exceptions but making an enquiry costs nothing.

* Expections includes hard disks that have been opened prior to arrival or devices that have been tampered with.

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