Water And Flood Damaged Hard Drives

Most of the hard drive failures that we see here at TRC Data Recovery Ltd are devices that have failed through some form of knock or impact. Just like any other device in the home or office, hard drives and other data storage devices do not mix well with liquids.

TRC Data Recovery can recover lost data from storage media that has been damaged by liquids or flooding, some of the recoveries we have recently completed include:

  • Laptop computers that have had wine spilt on them (never drink and compute!)
  • Memory Sticks that have been dropped in the toilet (never pleasant to recover from!)
  • Hard drives that have been stored outside (sometimes on purpose!?)
  • Flood damaged drives and computers

Providing that we get the device in good time and it has not been dried out, the chances of recovery are normally very good.

Top Tips for Liquid Damaged Data Storage Devices

  1. Do not try to power on a flood damaged hard drive, bad things hapen to good hard drives when this is done!
  2. Strange as it may seem, in most cases it is not wise to allow your device to dry off. Sealing your water damaged media in an air tight container and getting it to a data recovery company is definitely the best option if you need your data back.
  3. Do not presume that only the electronics will be affected and attempt to swap PCBs or components - doing so may prove dangerous to yourself and your drive.
  4. Don't open up your hard drive under any circumstances (unless of course you don't mind losing you data).
  5. If you have a backup copy of your data and therefore don't need a data recovery service, backup the backup, they say that bad luck comes in threes!
  6. Contact Us for more help and advice.
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