Where to keep your data backups

Keeping up to date with your backups is not something everyone excels at.  That being said, go and make a backup of your important data now, we'll wait.

Right, so where to keep that data?

It's best to keep your backups separate from each other, should something unexpected happen to one then it shouldn't affect the other(s).  When dealing with more sensitive data it's advised to keep them in secure locations no matter where they are.

Multiple backups in multiple places decreases the chance of complete data loss drastically.  So, if you have important data, you need to think about if it's worth going that extra mile to keep it safe.

We'll throw in one more precautionary step

Backing data up to the cloud allows for easy access, so long as you have access to the internet.  
Hard disk drives can come in a variety of sizes, some more portable than the last.  They all, however, suffer from one common problem; falls, tumbles and otherwise clumsy hands.
USB memory sticks are the more portable option, at the expense of storage space.  Being smaller, they can be easily forgotten in a computer or lost.

While all have their positives and negatives, spreading your data across multiple types of storage helps decrease the chance of complete data loss.

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