The very core of most modern businesses exists solely as data stored on computers, mobile phones, servers and other such devices. When this data becomes lost or inaccessible time is often a priority. Business owners and IT managers are often faced with the problem of continuing business whilst data recovery takes place.

TRC Data Recovery can help you to recover missing data from all types of systems, including:

TRC Data Recovery offer all of our business customers two key services, an Emergency service where recovery is normally possible the same day and a standard service that offers the same thorough recovery but takes a little longer to complete. Details of these services can be found below:

Emergency Business Data Recovery

If your file server, domain controller, computer, laptop Exchange or SQL database has been lost and down time is not acceptable, TRC Data Recovery Ltd can offer our Emergency Data Recovery Services.

These services push your case to the top of our queue and provides you with dedicated access to the engineer (or engineers) that are working on your case. In most instances we are able to fully recover your lost data within 24 hours.

To get in touch with us about our Emergency Data Recovery option, please call through on 0800 955 3282 (international or mobile: +44 207 1297 097) or get in touch via our online contact form.

Standard Business Data Recovery

If your data loss has proven to be more of an inconvenience than a real disaster, TRC also offer a standard recovery service that is normally turned around within 5 working days.  Under this service you can expect all of the usual customer support and feedback but your job is placed into our standard work flow. Our standard service represents the most cost effective approach to data retrieval.

For more information on this or any of our services, please contact us.

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