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No Recovery-No Fee Guarantee. Pay Once You Have Verified You

TRC Data Recovery offer practically every case on a No Recovery-No Fee basis, removing the associated risk.

What does this mean?

Here at TRC Data Recovery we are confident that we can recover your lost data, so much so that we can offer a service where no charge is made for our time should we not be able to successfully recover your data.

I thought that data could always be recovered?

This is not true unfortunately, in a very small proportion of cases there is no viable way to recover the lost data from a device. Reasons for this can include:

  • Data has been over-written
  • Encryption or protection makes the data inaccessible (although some are breakable)
  • The media that contained the data has been completely destroyed

Despite the issues noted above TRC can get back your lost data in the vast majority of cases, hence, no recovery-no fee.


In cases where recovery is complicated right from the outset, there may be a charge for our service, however, this charge is made clear before we start work on the drive and you are able to halt the recovery at this stage if it no longer appears to be viable to continue with the service. Some scenarios that may be chargeable include:

  • Encrypted Drives
  • Drives opened outside of a clean room
  • Drives that have been wiped or deliberately damaged
  • Carriage to and from us
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