Security & Confidentiality Policy

Nothing is more important to us than the security and confidentiality of our services. For each and every client, no matter if they are individuals, small companies, public bodies or large corporates, we offer the same level of security and confidentiality.

Security Policy

Security of our Client’s data is key to the service that TRC Data Recovery Ltd offer. This document is to be used in conjunction with any agreement between TRC Data Recovery Ltd and our client base, it is also relevant to the Terms and Conditions that are agreed to when we undertake Data Recovery Services for any paying client.

All data, and indeed any media that may contain data, is provided to TRC Data Recovery for the purposes of recovery and/or retrieval, or for the purposes of secure data elimination. TRC Data Recovery Ltd take the issue of data security seriously and can make the following commitment:

  • All Data, including copies of any data, Cloned Images of storage media or temporary copies of data made for transfer purposes are kept during the progress of any work we carry out. These copies will be retained until payment is made (within a reasonable timescale) and for a further 10 working days.
  • Data stored on physical media will be kept at all times within a secure facilty, this facility is currently:
  • TRC Data Recovery Limited, Sheffield City Heliport, Europa Link, Sheffield, S9 1XZ
  • 24 hour security officers are present at our premises at all times, closed circuit television recording operates at all times.
  • Between the hours of 6pm and 8am access to the entire site is restricted to authorised personell only.
  • Door entry systems operate on all doors both during daytime working hours and in the evening. These systems require fob authentication for access, each entrance is also protected by key locks.
  • During office hours our offices are open to the public, but all areas are manned during these times. Data storage areas remain under lock and key, this includes our server storage and the areas where all cloned images are kept. These areas are only accessible for limited times and only under full supervision from a member of staff fully briefed in data security procedures.
  • We guarantee that all of our staff are without any criminal convictions, current or pending.
  • Only staff that require access to the data that we recover have access, sub- contractors are vetted and may be provided limited access. Access to areas where sensitive data may be stored is only provided under the supervision of TRC Data Recovery Ltd staff briefed in data security.

Further questions about security of the data that we hold can be directed to the Manger of Data Recovery at TRC Data Recovery Ltd.

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