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What Does This Mean?

It is a very safe assumption that if you have a hard disk that is clicking it has failed read/write heads or damage to the data discs or platters. This most commonly occurs when the hard disk is dropped or knocked but it can also happen for other reasons. It is crucial that you power off the disk immediately as continually applying power has the potential to cause a devastating head crash, an event which could render your data unrecoverable.

Can Your Data Be Recovered?

In most cases yes, but there is no way to determine if the data can be recovered without an inspection of the platters in a clean environment called a clean room. A clean room is a sealed environment with multiple levels of air filtration. Contaminants from the air that surrounds us can cause serious damage to the hard disk if they are opening outside of the required space. The only way to know for certain if anything can be done is for us to perform an assessment which is in most cases free of charge. If the drive has been opened we will need to conduct a thorough diagnostic before we can supply a quote.

Dedicated Clean Room

Our clean room is a sealed environment with multiple levels of air filtration which prevents contaminants causing damage to the hard disk. The clean room gives us the best chance of recovering your data.

Free Assessment

As soon as we receive your device we carry out a free initial diagnostic to ensure the quote given is correct. This is all done as part of our service.

No Recovery No Fee

So long as your device has not been opened, contaminated and is not encrypted, we can offer you a No Recovery-No Fee service. Click to read about our No Recovery No Fee policy.

​What To Expect

Collection And Delivery

We can collect and deliver your device from any UK mainland address, normally the same day (although getting in touch before noon can avoid disappointment). This is included in the quotation we send.

File Listing

See your data before you part with your money with our file list viewer application. This shows each and every file and folder that we have been able to retrieve from your device as well as letting you know if any files are corrupt or damaged.

Returning Your Data

Up to 20GB we can return your data online, over and above this a hard drive will be required for return of your data.

​Data Recovery From £399 + VAT

Get Your Data Recovery Quote