Data Conversion Services by the Data Experts at TRC Data Recovery

TRC Data Recovery provide data conversion services that ensure that however old your media, whatever format it was in and regardless of which operating system was used to create or manage our media you can receive a readable, useable version on more up to date formats including CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, Hard disk drive or Flash media.

TRC offer conversion of the following storage types:

  • Magnetic Storage Tape (DAT, DLT, Travan etc)
  • Iomega Zip and Jaz disks
  • 5 1/4" Floppy Disks
  • SCSI and pre-standard interface hard disk drives
  • Microfilm and Microfiche

TRC Data Recovery also offer conversion from one file type to another for many popular formats including, word processing documents, spreadsheets, databases and many image and video formats.

Conversion of Microsoft Exchange offline storage .ost files to the readable Microsoft outlook Personal Folder .pst format is offered at a fixed fee of £139 + vat, regardless of the size of the file. This is possible for files created by all versions of office, including Office 97, Office 2000, Office XP, Office 2003 and Office 2007.

Important Data stored on legacy systems can also be converted in to more modern formats for use under MAC OS X, Microsoft Windows (including Windows XP and Windows Vista), all versions of Linux and Unix. Support for data conversion from the following systems is supported:

  • Microsoft DOS
  • Microsoft Windows (including 3.1, 9x, 2000, XP and Vista)
  • Unix Operating Systems (including BSD, Xenix, HP-UX, Solaris and more)
  • All versions of Linux (including Red Hat, Mandrake, Mandriva, Fedora, SuSe and more)
  • Macintosh OS (From System 3 through to System 7 and Mac OS 8 and 9)

To discuss your data conversion requirements further contact us now by telephone, alternatively leave your contact details and a brief description of the data conversion service required and the appropriate technician will contact you promptly.

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