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Dell PowerEdge servers often use multi disk RAID storage arrays either through Direct Attached Storage (Powervault DAS such as the MD1000, MD3000 and AX4/5 etc), or internally through the use of PERC and similar RAID controller cards.

Dell servers normally use RAID controllers that are internally referenced as PERC (Power Edge RAID Controller). These cards tend to use the same controller chips that are available in other commercial RAID cards.  TRC can recover SATA, SCSI & SAS based Dell storage servers.

TRC's in house team of recovery engineers are experts in RAID Server Data Recovery with vast experience recovering from the following RAID Array types:

TRC's recovery team have been successfully retrieving lost data from failed Dell servers for customers in the UK and abroad for many years. Our success rates for Poweredge servers are extremely high. We have recovered data in the following circumstances and more:

  • Failure of one or more hard drive or SSD
  • Server hardware failure
  • Failed & damaged PERC controllers
  • Incorrectly Rebuilt Arrays
  • Reconfigured and even reformatted arrays

And More...

TRC Data Recovery commonly recover Exchange Databases, SQL Databases and other data from Dell Servers.

If you have experienced data loss or a Dell Server Failure free advice is available. Call 0800 955 3282 for more information, alternatively, use our online contact form and we will call you.

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