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External Storage Recovery

External Storage devices are increasingly popular as a backup method, enabling users to store huge amounts of data in a portable device.  Often the very portability of such devices leads to damage as they are transported and moved around.

TRC Data Recovery Ltd can recover data that has been lost from all manner of external storage devices, from hard drives and RAID units to USB Memory Sticks and Flash Cards.

USB, FireWire and Directly Attached Storage Devices

We can recover your missing data from all forms of external media, the most common types of external storage involve a standard form factor hard drive or sometimes multiple hard drives.  Due to their portable form factor, external hard drives tend to be moved around a lot. As well as standard hard drive failure types TRC see a huge number of data recovery cases due to external hard drives being dropped, knocked and liquid damaged.

Network Attached Storage

Network attached drives, known as NAS devices are a popular way of storing data that is then accessible across a network.  NAS devices are popular in the home and office due to their being available to all network devices at all times.  NAS devices differ from normal external media in that they run their own embedded operating system (normally a stripped down Linux OS).  They can be single or multi disk units.  TRC Data Recovery can retrieve lost data from all modern NAS storage drives that have been dropped or damaged or experienced some other form of disaster.

USB Flash Devices

A speciality of ours is recovery from Flash memory, one of the more common external devices that we recover from is USB memory sticks, also known as pen drives, dongles and flash drives.  TRC can normally fully recover your lost data from one of these failed devices, when it is bent, snapped, requires formatting or simply cannot be seen any longer by your computer.

Multi Disk and RAID units

Multi disk units normally employ RAID and other methods to spread your data across the component disks.  This serves the purpose of either providing a redundancy against failure or making the whole array faster for high bandwidth applications.  TRC Data Recovery can fully recover lost data from failed RAID units in practically all cases.

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