Portable USB Hard Drive Recovery

Portable hard drives are generally a reliable and fast way of storing or backing up your data.  The extremely portable nature of external devices that use 2.5" hard drives and the USB bus for both power and data transfer makes them a very useful storage medium.

As with any portable storage device, bus powered external hard drives tend to be moved around a lot, getting carried in bags from place to place as they are needed.  Whilst generally resilient such movement can cause problems with the internal drive.  Some of the issues that TRC have recently fully recovered the data from include:

  • Clicking portable hard drives
  • Completely dead USB drives
  • Drives that have been formatted or had their data deleted
  • Broken USB interfaces
  • Water damaged drives

Normally a full recovery of lost data is possible from all 2.5" portable USB hard drives. To discuss a problem that you are having with your device, please call or email TRC.

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