USB, Firewire And ESATA Hard Drive Data Recovery

Desktop drives do not make ideal external storage devices.  2.5" laptop hard drives tend to be much more resilient to being moved around than their desktop counterparts.  Desktop units do carry advantages in certain areas though, namely the capacity that is available with these units.

External desktop drives normally contain one or more standard 3.5" hard drives, the same kind that you would find in your desktop computer system.  As such, TRC can help you to recover lost data from it.  Some of the more common problems that we come up against are listed below:

Dropped External Hard Drive

Dropped external drives can suffer from a large array of different problems, most of these problems fall into our description of mechanical failure.  If you have dropped your drive it may have suffered from one of the following issues:

  1. If your hard drive is buzzing and/or does not seem to be spinning properly, it may well have suffered from a seized motor bearing.  This fault is very common on desktop drives that have suffered some kind of impact.
  2. If your hard drive started to click following the impact, it is likely that either the heads or the platters have been damaged and the drive is not able to initialise
  3. Your hard drive may seem to work properly at first but data access becomes slow or even impossible.  This fault is caused by damage to the heads and or platters that is less severe in nature than a full blown mechanical fault.

In most instances of the above TRC are able to successfuly recover your lost data, quickly and efficiently.  For more information, or to discuss your data loss problem with a member of our technical team, click here for our contact information.

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