TRC Data Recovery 0800 955 3282 have specialist Computer Forensic Data division for the forensic analysis of all forms of electronic storage media even after a hard disk head crash, deliberate damage or deletion of files, or hard drive failure.

We provide evidence for Civil, Criminal and internal disciplinary actions. Data from a computer hard disk drive, server or even a damaged or formatted memory stick to Mobile phones and SD photo cards, we have the technical capacity to analyse just about anything that stores electronic data.

Our expertise in data recovery has led us to forensic data investigations for commercial clients and individuals throughout the UK. No matter what your requirements, we're sure to have the right solution be it email harassment to stolen data and malicious actions stored on a computer even after deletion, formatting and certain types of physical and electrical damage as well as fire and flood.

The electronic data storage media we typically examine includes hard disk drives, floppy diskettes, removable media (such as Iomega Zip, CDs, DVDs and Solid state media).

As part of the recovery and discovery system we create images of the target drive wherever possible and use them for the investigation.

We have skills and experience working with instructing solicitors and we have been involved in a wide range of forensic work including criminal investigations and commercial litigation.

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