Fujitsu Hard Disk Data Recovery and Repair is available from the TRC Data Recovery team. We support all hard disk drives manufactured by Fujitsu, including laptop 2.5" drives, older desktop 3.5" drive and external Fujitsu drives.

The team at TRC can recover from almost any failed Fujitsu storage device, regardless of the fault type, age or problem.  Some of the device that we commonly recover from include:

Desktop Devices

Fujitsu Desktop Hard Drive Data Recovery is offered for failed or damaged desktop and enterprise hard drives manufactured by Fujitsu.  Some of our engineer's earliest recoveries were performed on Fujitsu drives of the MPF and MPG series and our expertise with this brand extends to the present day.

Laptop Devices

After Fujitsu ceased producing 3.5" IDE hard disk drives, their focus turned to 2.5" drives that are commonly found in laptop and notebook computers.  Fujitsu also remained a player in the enterprise storage arena with their SCSI, FC and SAS devices.

Enterprise Devices

TRC offer recovery services for Fujitsu's enterprise level storage products. We can recover lost data from failed or damaged SCSI, Fiberchannel and SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) devices.  We recover from standalone devices and those that are part of a RAID array.  For more information on our RAID recovery services, see the following pages:

RAID Array Recovery
Server Recovery

If your Fujitsu hard drive has failed and you need your data back, why not contact the TRC data recovery team by calling 0800 955 3282 or online through our Contact Form.

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