Fujitsu have been involved in the laptop hard disk business for many years. The hard disk drives that they produce tend to be reliable and hardy devices that do not have particularly high failure rates. However as with all hard disk drives manufactured today there are a number of failures that can be associated with them.

Some of the problems associated with Fujitsu 2.5" hard drives include:

Media Degradation

As with all hard disk drives, Fujitsu 2.5" drives can sufer from a degradation of their recording media, or platter, surface. When this happens the drive will develop bad sectors. Bad Sectors have many effects on a hard disk drive which can include:

  • Cyclic Redundancy Check or CRC errors
  • Missing Files or Folders
  • Microsoft Chkdsk, Scandisk or other file system utilities being invoked at the compter's startup
  • Boot loops where the computer will start but reboot before you reach your Desktop


Most failures tend to occur due to physical shock, impacts that cause damage to the platter and read write heads, more information about mechanical failures can be found on our hard disk mechanical failure page.

The symptoms of a mechanical failure on a Fujitsu laptop hard drive tend to be a quiet ticking sound coming from the hard drive itself. This problem can indicate a head failure or a motor problem.


Early generations of Fujitsu Notebook hard drives were prone to a failure of the firmware microcode. When failed in this manner the hard drive will appear to spin up correctly, will not make any unusual noises, but will not become ready. Firmware corruptions are normally fully recoverable on Fujitsu hard drives.

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