Touch Bar MacBook Pro SSD Data Recovery

Touchbar MacBook Pro models are presenting problems for some data recovery companies since their introduction in 2016. This is due to their usage of an integrated (soldered to the logic board), non-removable SSD. Whilst the non-Touch Bar models still use a removable SSD, none of the Touch Bar variants provide such a luxury.

In addition to the lack of a standard interface, the data on this integrated SSD is often encrypted through Mac OS X's FileVault data encryption technology. This can prevent chip-off recovery and causes an additional layer of complexity even where it is still possible to use this older, outdated technique.

TRC have developed a technique to directly access the SSD. This technique allows us to access the SSD even in scenarios where the logic board has failed, the storage is not connected or in other extreme circumstances such as:

  • Liquid and/or water damage
  • Processor failure
  • GPU failure
  • Logic board failure
  • Inaccessibility of the in-built SSD

What's more, this technique does not require removal of any components which may further damage the device or invalidate an warranties. This also makes the whole process significantly cheaper than chip-off data recovery techniques.

This new technique applies to the following MacBook Pro Touch Bar models:

Late 2016 Models

MacBook Touch Bar 13" (A1706)

  • MacBook Pro 13,2 models: MLH12LL/A

MacBook Touch Bar 15" (A1707)

  • MacBookPro 13,3 models: MLH32LL/A, MLH42LL/A, MLW72LL/A, MLW82LL/A

Mid 2017 Models

MacBook Touch Bar 13" (A1706)

  • MacBook Pro 14,2 models: MPXV2LL/A, MPXW2LL/A, MPXX2LL/A, MPXY2LL/A, MQ002LL/A, MQ012LL/A

MacBook Touch Bar 15" (A1707)

  • MacBookPro 14,3 models: MPTR2LL/A, MPTT2LL/A, MPTU2LL/A, MPTV2LL/A, MPTW2LL/A, MPTX2LL/A

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