TRC Data Recovery can recover your lost data from any IDE hard disk drive that has failed.  IDE is a bit of a misnomer, an archaic term referring to a feature of the drive (Integrated Device Electronics), rather than the type of device or interface. IDE devices are normally considered those that have a 40 pin parallel interface and conform to the ATA standards.

TRC Data Recovery can retrieve lost data from IDE hard drives that have failed physically, with mechanical or electronic faults. We also help customers to access deleted files, inaccessible volumes or devices that have been accidentally formatted or otherwise logically damaged.

Electrical Failures: When and IDE hard drive fails with an electronic issue, TRC's team of electronic engineers can, in prectially every case, retrieve the data that has been lost.  Using techniques that vary from physical repair to reprogramming similar circuit boards to work with the failed drive, we can recover data in practically every instance.

Mechanical Failure of the drive: In cases where your hard drive is making unusual noises, or has been subject to a knock or impact, TRC Data Recovery can offer the only ISO 3 certified clean room held by any Data Recovery company in the UK, read more about our clean facility here.

When you have accidentally deleted important data, restored your hard drive through a reinstallation or accidental formatting, or experienced a hard drive failure the experts at TRC can help to retrieve your losta and missing data.

TRC also offer our clients recovery from non IDE hard disk drives, these services include:

If you have lost data on a failed IDE or ATA hard disk drive, your first step towards being reunited with your lost data is getting in touch with the engineers at TRC by calling for free on 0800 955 3282, or by using our online contact form.

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