Apple's iPhone is one of the most advanced mobile phone handsets available today. It is also a fantastic internet enabled multimedia device, capable of storing, amongst other things, photos, images, video, music, email contacts your personal Calendar appointments and much more. They are also stable devices that sync to your computer as they charge, backing up your data as they go.

Due to the method of data backup on the iPhone, data loss is rare, however, it is certainly not unknown. TRC receive enquiries daily about accidentally deleted files, failed restores, lost emails and more. Up until now losing data on your iPhone meant that it was gone forever. there were no solutions, no software and no data recovery companies offering iPhone Recovery as a service - in short, no real hope - this has all changed as TRC Data Recovery have become the first UK based company to offer a full range of iPhone data recovery solutions.

The technical team at TRC have spent the last three weeks perfecting a non-invasive, warranty safe technique, that is fast, cost effective and backed up by our No Recovery-No Fee data guarantee. Read more about the process here.

iPhone Device Support

TRC Data Recovery support recovery of first generation and the latest iPhone 3G devices. at the time of writing all firmware versions from 1.0 to 2.2 are supported on both devices. Jailbroken, Pwned and official devices are supported, and being that they are very similar in both hardware, operating system and architecture, the iPod touch is also now fully supported, read more about iPod Touch data recovery here.

  • 4 GB, 8GB and 16GB devices are all supported
  • Jailbroken, Pwned and unlocked devices can now have their data recovered too
  • TRC can recover your lost iPhone data if your device is formatted by a Windows machine or an Apple Mac computer.

iPhone Data Loss & Recovery

TRC can recover data that has been lost due to the following issues:

  • Restoring iPhone following a failure of the phone
  • Firmware upgrades that have caused a loss of data
  • Undesired effects following Jailbreak or unlock attempts
  • Accidentally deleted files
  • Corrupt Backups

We also offer fast turn-around services where data can be recovered the very same day, meaning that the time which you spend without your phone will be kept to an absolute minimum.

For more information on our iPhone Data Recovery service, or to discuss a problem or data loss situation with our technical team, call the Mac Data Recovery experts at TRC Data Recovery on 0845 2002 845, or use our Contact Form.

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