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We can offer you a great opportunity for you to provide an added value service to your clients and prospective clients in your area.

Many IT professionals are asked about recovering data from; Raid arrays, laptops, PCs or USB data sticks, some offer advice and remedy, others recommend us; others turn this potentially money generating opportunity away. We can now offer you a Data Recovery Service whereby you control: the process, the client and make money out of this proposition. Our totally encrypted web based system, designed to support this proposition, allows you to log in and put in the job reference for the client and track all the stages of the recovery from receiving the job, through the recovery stages, to shipping the job back to you. We can also re-badge this software for you so that it appears as if it is your own!

We offer all of the following as part of our proposition:

  • Extremely competitive rates.
  • A fixed pricing policy.
  • Free assessment of the recovery job.
  • Certified ISO 3 (Class 1) clean room built to exacting standards.
  • A guaranteed turn-around time for jobs agreed with you, our client.
  • Qualified technical staff with years of experience in this field.
  • Courier collection and delivery service included in our pricing structure.
  • Our web enabled system can be badged with your company name to personalise the service you offer your clients.
  • A local rate telephone number to support the service we offer to you – with free technical help, to support the recovery proposition.
  • No recovery – No charge. In the unusual event that we are unable to recover the data, we do not charge you.
  • Help with a strategy for marketing this service within your area, if required.

Any reciprocal work in your area can be channeled through to you directly. We will invoice you for the jobs received, not the client, allowing you to charge a premium for your service and make the process seamless with your client.

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We are looking for data recovery operations who need a the support af a class leading lab, which is developing faster than any other brand. Leading hard drive recovery and Raid array rebuild facility. If you have clients that need help regularily you will benefit from TRC Data Recovery, either by price , by service times or both and in the knowledge of the latest facilities that are ISO -3 tested and certified ask your data recovery company to show their certificate online ! If you are an existing data recovery reseller you will benefit from our lower cost base, higher success rates and your ability to offer competitive prices whilst still making a fair percentage.

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