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Hard drives are sensitive devices, and must be handled with extreme care. When they are opened and stripped down for repair the internals of the drive must be handled, at this point handling procedures are even more important,static charges created by the movement of the handler, and even those present in the air can cause unseen damage that could prove to be irreversible and terminal to the hard disk drive. Particles in the air can cause further problems if they interrupt the delicate air bearing that holds the read/write heads microns above the platter surface.

TRC Data Recovery have developed what we believe to be the best, cleanest most static safe environment possessed by any UK data recovery firm, what’s more, we challenge any other UK based data recovery company to improve upon or even match the standards of cleanliness and Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) safety precautions in place in our laboratory.

Whilst many data recovery firms claim to have the perfect handling environment and (now outdated) Class 100 environments we offer proof that your hard disk is in safe hands: In January 2008 Monmouth Scientific, an independent organisation, assessed the cleanliness of our clean room, awarding the area a certificate of cleanliness and confirming ISO Class3 conformity

Download our Clean Room Certificate in pdf format

Our Clean Room facilitiy was re-tested in February 2009 and was passed as ISO3 and improving. It is our intention to pass as ISO2 in 2010.

Add this to the lengths that we have gone to to prevent static damage to hard drives, from flooring, to special build materials used for the construction, all the way through to the clothes that we wear and ionizers that neutralise airborne static. We even sit on ESD safe chairs (see below) - Why do we go to these lengths? The answer is simple, you cannot be too careful when handling someone else's data. We hope that you can see that your data is in safe hands!

TRC Data Recovery offer recovery of data regardless of the type of fault, from hard drives that have failed with mechanical issues, to electronically failed devices, firmware failure data recovery and much more.

Our industry leading facility can recover from all manner of devices, including: Hard Disk Drives, USB Memory Stick Recovery and Flash Memory Devices, RAID Recovery Arrays - in fact, anything that can be used to store data, whether it has failed or accidental data loss has occured. For further information regarding our facility or the precautions we take to protect your data feel free to contact us on 0845 2002 845.

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