TRC Data Recovery offer data recovery services for failed LaCie hard disk drives, external storage and NAS units.  We commonly recover from all sort of data loss problems, including logical/software problems such as deleted files and folders or accidentally formatted devices, mechanical issues and other hardware errors.

LaCie device are commonly used across all operating system platforms. Famed for their design aesthetic they are often used with Mac computers as well as Windows PC and Linux systems.  TRC Data Recovery have full support for LaCie drives regardless of the system that they were originally used with.

Not all LaCie branded devices are single hard drive units, many of the external storage solutions offered by them incorporate a multi-disk solution.  This mainly applies to certain LaCie Big Disk units as well as other external drives and NAS devices.

Whilst LaCie make external hard drives, they have not reinvented the wheel.  Inside each and every LaCIe branded device resides one or more hard disk drive which is manufactured by one of the main data storage players which include:

TRC Can recover lost data from these drives and arrays in almost every case, including the following:

  • Impacts such as a drop or knock of the drive
  • Noisy drives that are clicking, ticking or beeping
  • Disks that are making a whirring or grinding noise
  • Dead devices that will not power up at all
  • Formatted volumes
  • Deleted Files and folders

Just like any other hard disk drive out there, TRC Data Recovery are able to retrieve your lost data in practically any case of failure.

If you need your LaCie device data recovering, TRC Data Recovery are the perfect choice, to find out what we can do to get you back up and running why not call us on 0800 955 3282 or alternatively use our online form and Contact Us.

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