Laptop Recovery and Notebook Recovery Services by TRC Data Recovery

As the UK leader in laptop recovery services, TRC provide expert data recovery solutions from failed laptops, notebooks and portable hard disk drives. Whether your laptop has been dropped, suffered an impact, been reformatted or the data is otherwise inaccessible, TRC Data Recovery have a solution tailored to recovering your lost data.

Modern laptop computers are often treated in ways that their desktop counterparts do not have to worry about. Whether they are moved from place to place, left unsecured in the car on the way to work or closed without first being shut down, notebook computers are extremely resilient. No desktop workstation would be put through what we put our laptops through.

Despite their resilient design, things can go wrong, TRC Data Recovery can help you to recover lost data in the following scenarios:

  • Dropped or knocked laptops
  • Clicking, ticking or knocking Hard Drives
  • Blue Screen at startup
  • Error Messages at startup
  • Fire or Flood damaged machines
  • ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) problems
  • Virus Attack
  • Software Corruption

And more, contact us if you wish to discuss your data loss scenario in more depth.

TRC Data Recovery support laptops running; Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, including Mac OS X Recovery, any of the Unix variants and Linux distributions, including Netbooks and modern internet enabled devices.

On top of this TRC currently offer dedicated support for recovery of lost data from the following laptop manufacturers:

  • Lenovo
  • Samsung
  • Apple
  • IBM
  • Toshiba
  • Acer
  • Dell
  • Asus
  • HP
  • Fujitsu Siemens
  • Sony

Warranty Safe

TRC's laptop hard drive data recovery services will not void your laptop's warranty or damage your computer in any way. In most cases only the hard disk drive is required, in cases where the hard drive cannot be removed by the customer TRC will take on the drive removal as part of the diagnostic process, once again maintaining your computer's warranty, and saving you from the hassle and risk of damage.

Often, if required TRC can provide the system as a bootable working system with all of your lost data intact, for further information about this or about any of our laptop recovery services, contact us no on 0845 2002 845 or by using our contact form

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