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The Buffalo LinkStation is a popular shared storage device that offers many similar features to the Buffalo TeraStation albeit in a more consumer orientated lower specification device. The LinkStation offers a slower processor and lower storage than the Buffalo TeraStation, otherwise they are essentially the same device.

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We now offer support from the following LinkStation devices:

  • LinkStation
  • LinkStation Mini
  • LinkStation Pro
  • LinkStation Pro Duo
  • LinkStation Live
  • LinkStation Quad

Abc can help you to recover your lost LinkStation data in the following scenarios:

  • Deleted Files
  • Formatted or initialised LinkStations
  • Fire or Flood damaged devices
  • Failed NAS controller or electronics
  • Hard Disk Drive Failure

The file system and RAID configurations implemented on Buffalo’s Network Attached Storage or NAS devices can prove difficult for our less experienced competitors to recover from, however, abc are experts in Buffalo data recovery offering a complete and efficient service, regardless of the problem that you have experienced. All RAID configurations are also supported, including RAID 0, RAID 1 and RAID 5 systems.

We can even help you to recover lost data from external storage devices that have been connected to the LinkStation’s USB port, a service that few of our data recovery competitors can offer.

If you require Buffalo LinkStation Recovery, contact the experts at TRC Data Recovery for a free no obligation quotation from our team of data recovery experts. Quotes can be requested by telephoning 0845 2002 845 or by using our online Contact Form, in which case we will call you back.

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