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Memory Card Recovery

TRC Data Recovery can get your lost data back from failed, corrupted or broken flash memory cards.  We can recover lost or deleted data and our technology to recover data directly from your device's flash memory chips can retrieve data in over 90% of cases.

Flash Read Technology

Our comprehensive list of techniques to recover your failed flash memory card includes software techniques, electronic repair and when they fail, our Flash Read technology.  Flash Read gives TRC the ability to recover lost data from failed memory cards in well over 85% of cases.  If the flash chip is still physically intact we can remove the chip and read its content directly.

How Does Flash Read Work?

Most flash devices on the market today use standard form factor chips, understanding how these chips work on the most fundamental of levels enables us to interface with them and produce an image of their contents, but the work does not stop there.

In practically every modern flash device the data is spread by the controller over different areas of the chip.  There are a handful of reasons for doing this but the most important is to do with prolonging the life of the Flash memory through a process known as wear levelling.  Once an image of your failed flash chip has been made, TRC can reverse engineer the algorithm that controls this process and build a working image with all of your data in the right place.

Encrypted Flash Devices

Many of the micro controllers found within modern flash devices employ a method of data protection.  This can be full AES or other strong encryption or merely a XOR operation to obfuscate the data.  The reasons for doing this are not always clear, especially as there is often no mechanism to protect the data whilst the device is working (as passwords or keys are not normally required when the card is plugged in).  In many cases of simpler encryption, such as XOR, TRC are able to crack the protection mechanism and retrieve your data.

If your memory card has failed or become corrupted, get in touch with TRC today for a free no-obligation quotation.

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