Compact Flash Card Data Recovery

Compact Flash is one of the longest standing members of the flash card family that still exists today.  Flash cards are generally rather robust and reliable, given their relatively strong plastic and steel construction.  Even so these devices can fail when exposed to the elements or through an internal electronic failure.  TRC can recover your lost data when your compact Flash card has experienced a failure.

Compact Flash Photo and Video Recovery

TRC Data Recovery can retrieve lost images, both raw, jpg and other formats as well as movies and any other form of content that can be stored on a Compact Flash card.

All major RAW formats are supported including CR2, RAW, CRW, MOS, NEF, RWL, RWF and more.  We can currently recover over 50 different raw image types from all of the major camera manufacturers.  We also support all modern video codecs too, from AVI to MPG and MOV, we can get your missing videos back however they were encoded.

Compact Flash Recovery Direct From the Flash Chips

Using our Flash Read technology we can recover your lost data directly from your CF card's internal memory in practically all cases.  Some of the more common failure that we are asked to help with include:

  • Physically damaged CF cards that are dented, bent or otherwise broken
  • Water and liquid damaged cards
  • Cards that when inserted into your camera or computer ask to be formatted
  • Deleted data
  • Accidental formatting

TRC can help to recover lost data in all of the above scenarios and more, so if you need your compact Flash card recovering call through to one of our data recovery experts on 0845 2002 845.

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