SD Card Data Recovery

SD Memory cards and SDHC cards are one of the most prevalent data storage mediums for mobile devices like cameras, and, in their miniSD and microSD guises mobile phones and similar portable electronics.  In most cases of device failure or physically broken SD cards, TRC are able to help.

SD Card Data Recovery

If your SD memory card has failed TRC can use Flash Read technology to get your lost data back, even in the following scenarios:

  • Bent snapped or physically damaged SD Cards
  • Water or liquid damaged cards
  • Deleted data
  • Cards that have been formatted by either a computer or a camera
  • Completely dead cards

We have even recovered flash memory devices that have been microwaved, put through the washing machine and one that was left outside in the rain for over 24 hours and then run over by the car of its returning owner only to be discovered damp and bent in the middle. We support all major brands, including Kingston, Sandisk, Integral, InoV8, PNY and more, given that the technology behind all SD cards is very similar, we are confident that we can recover from all form factors and brands available on the market today. For more information or for a no-obligation quote, call TRC today on 0845 2002 845.

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