Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo

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Sony MS Pro Duo has undergone a few different form factors and capacity bumps, TRC Data Recovery can recover your lost pictures, movies and files from your broken Memory Stick.  Some of the more common Sony MS device types that we recover from include:

  • Memory Stick
  • Memory Stick Pro
  • Memory Stick Duo
  • Memory Stick Pro Duo
  • Memory Stick M2
  • Memory Stick XC

Many issues can lead to the demise of your Sony Memory Stick, often they are inserted by mistake into SD card slots which can damage the internal eletronics of them making them appear to be dead, it is also very common that they get bent or damaged during removal from cameras and laptops.

Accidentally inserted into an SD card reader or slot

Due to the similar size and appearance of many Memory Stick Pro Duo devices to SD cards, we are seeing increased demand for recovery of devices that have accidentally been inserted into SD card slots on laptops, TVs, and memory card readers. Doing so can and often does cause the card to fail to be recognised or usable in readers designed to work with it. Electronic damage can occur which can damage the micro controller. In most cases TRC are able to fully recover the data from these device.

Just like other formats, MS devices use NAND Flash technology; TRC are able to read your lost data directly from the chip within your device enabling us to recover lost, deleted and inacessible data in almost every case.

TRC Data Recovery can retrieve your lost data from your failed Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo, for more information as well as a no obligation quotation, please get in touch with the technical team at TRC Data Recovery and we can talk you through your options. 

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