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Network Storage Recovery

NAS Data Recovery services from TRC Data Recovery Ltd.  The network wide availabilty of NAS storage devices makes them a very popular choice of storage for small businesses and home users alike.

If your NAS or the hard drives that it contains have failed and you have lost your precious data we can help.

Non Native File Systems, No Problem for TRC

Most NAS units are used with Windows or Mac OS systems, however most users are unaware that beneath the simple to use always available interface is a rather complex Linux based operating system that manages the network file sharing and other services required by the NAS unit for it to work.

TRC Data Recovery are aware of literally hundreds of different NAS devices and configurations on the market, we are able to recover data from all such devices when data loss or hardware failure occurs.

NAS RAID Recovery

Many NAS device manufacturers implement multi-disk systems that incorporate RAID technology.  In such devices a number of independent disks are combined to create an array that can benefit from enhanced speed or redundancy against failure and in some cases both.

Western Digital, Buffalo, LaCie and Iomega alongside countless other NAS manufacturers all produce units that incorporate RAID Technology

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