Buffalo Terastation And Linkstation Data Recovery

Buffalo technology are best known for their network storage products.  They also produce external USB hard drives, memory sticks and SSD based products.  Like other external storage manufacturers, they produce devices which rely on standard commercially available hard drives.

TRC Data Recovery provide services to recover lost data from failed Buffalo branded storage.  The most common devices that we recover from are Linkstation and Terastation NAS drives, for which we have a specific suite of tools and techniques to restore your lost files when they fail.

To find out more about specific devices that we support, keep reading:

Buffalo Network Attached Storage

Buffalo NAS devices use an embedded Linux system to provide network access and file sharing.  These devices also use a file system which many IT support companies and even some data recovery companies can struggle to recover data from.  TRC can normally retrieve all lost data from a failed Buffalo NAS device.

Buffalo External hard disk drives

Buffalo produce a number of direct attached storage solutions.  These drives are offered in USB 2.0, USB 3.0, Firewire, eSATA and Thunderbolt guises. The underlying data storage mechanism on all of these products is a standard hard disk drive.  We can currently recover data from all of these devices.

Buffalo MiniStation drives are 2.5" bus powered drives with USB, Thunderbolt or Firewire connections. We currently recover lost data from all of these devices.

Buffalo MicroStation SSD external hard disk data recovery

Buffalo MicroStation recovery is not currently offered by our competitors, however, on the back of TRC's experience recovering lost data from NAND memory chip devices, through our USB Memory Stick Recovery service and SSD hard drive recovery service, we are now able to fully support these drives.

TRC can recover lost data from all types of external storage, not just Buffalo drives. If you have experienced lost data and would like a free no obligation quote for Buffalo Data Recovery, call now on 0800 955 3282 or use our contact form.

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