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60 Percent Of Businesses Take Over A Day To Recover From System Downtime

According to Acronis Inc and Vanson Bourne’s European survey 63% of businesses take a day or more to recover from system and server downtime, in the digital and 24/7 business environment we all work in, the majorities of companies are putting their profit margins and productivity at risk by not having an adequate disaster recovery and backup plan.

Only 10% of the SMB’s questioned in the surveys were confident in their own systems they have in place to recover files and data within a hour after a hardware crash, failed drive or computer virus. Losing critical functions like email access, Internet and order processing may result in loss of earning and productivity and even customers, these findings show that businesses are treading the fine line when it comes to a backup and recovery plan. 25% of businesses still backup PC’s and Laptop computers manually but even more worrying 19% do not even make backups of their data at all.

The survey also has shown that the United Kingdom is rated the worst at carrying out a company disaster plan; we are far less likely to backup our workstations than our European colleagues, a staggering 38% of UK business fail to backup their companies sensitive data.

Every business should have a disaster plan in place if the worst happens; this includes on-site, off-site data backup, recovery system and a good IT or data recovery specialist consultant. Most off-site backup software, will copy, compressed, 128-bit encrypted and finally upload your data to a remote server located offsite in a secure Data Centre through a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). The backed up data then 100% restorable to their original formats, when needed, by simply clicking a few buttons.If you do not have a recent backup of your data, your second option is to have the data recovered. Depending on the type of failure or system downtime will depend on the route to take.

Data Recovery Company: Sending your drive in to a specialist company will guarantee you the expertise and time to recover your data securely and safely.

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