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Seized fluid dynamic bearings are becoming all too common a cause of hard drive failure, whether spontaneous in nature or as a result of a knock, drop or fall the results can be disastrous for the drive.

Recovery of this fault requires the platters being mounted on a working spindle. Normally; this process is not too complex and can be achieved using a little skill and some commercially available tools. However, the tools mentioned rely on the ability to remove all drive platters simultaneously to maintain their alignment (platter alignment being critical to successful data recovery). This ability, and indeed these tools are fantastic for older drives; however, most recent drives incorporate the use of spacers between the platters for the purpose of lowering the acoustic output and level of vibration of the hard drive. In these drives recovery using commercially available tools is impossible, data recovery professionals are all too aware of this fact.

TRC Data Recovery Ltd have developed a proprietary technology that in most cases allows for a full recovery of data lost due to motor spindle related faults in cases where multiple platters are separated with acoustic dampening spacers. The design of this tool has now been finalised after months of development work.

The first actual recovery using this technology was completed successfully on the 9th of April 2008, with 100% of user data recovered. A customer testimonial will follow in the next few days.

Not only do we at TRC Data Recovery Ltd believe that this is the only such tool that has reached a stage of completion within the industry, we also believe that due to the simple, yet highly accurate nature of the tool that we are able to offer recovery of these drives cheaper and more quickly than any of our competitors.

Prices for seized motor recoveries start at £340 + vat and can normally be completed within 4 working days of receipt of the device.

To celebrate the launch of this tool TRC Data Recovery Ltd are offering competitors and resellers a 30% discount on the standard recovery prices for this fault, but only for a limited time.

If you would like more information on this tool or the recovery process involved technicians are on hand to deal with your enquiries between 9am and 6pm Monday – Friday. 

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