Annual Clean Room Certification Notice

TRC Data Recovery are pleased to announce that their world leading ISO 3 rated clean room has passed its annual verification test and is still rated as ISO 3 compliant.

In the third year of its certification the facility has never fallen below ISO 3 rated status and we believe that this facility is the cleanest rated within the UK. TRC Data Recovery Ltd are dedicated to ensuring the highest possible standards of cleanliness are maintained within the facility to ensure world leading recovery rates in the field of hard disk repair continue. These recovery rates continue to make us one of the worlds leading hard drive repair facilities.

For information on hard drive rebuilds, the process involved and to make use of the facility please contact the customer services dept on 0114 241 9309 or email [email protected]

The next annual inspection is due in late February 2011.

For details on the ratings of Clean Room facilities please see this page

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