Apple Time Capsule Recovery

Apple's 1TB Time Capsule device which was launched early this year has finally reached the TRC Data Recovery offices, and has been successfully recovered. This is the first Time Capsule that has been seen by TRC.

The device was used alongside a PowerMac and the Time Machine application, to backup an entire web design business. It was sent to us following a fall from a bag that was used to transport the drive to the owner's new business premises.

The hard drive failed with a seized fluid dynamic bearing (FDB). Using the latest addition to the TRC Data Recovery Toolset, detailed here, we were able to fully recover the user's data.

Thanks to the method of the backup, Apple's Time Machine application, we were able to easily recover the data that our customer required given that we knew the date of creation of the file.

TRC Data Recovery are pleased to announce the inclusion of Apple's Time Capsule to our ever growing list of fully supported media types.

It must be noted that the failure of the Apple device was a hard disk drive problem, it was not a problem with the device itself but a component used within, the device was also subject to a drop, well outside the normal operating tolerances of the device.

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