Blackpool Hotel Memory Stick Recovery

Tony McReynolds, manager of the New Kent hotel, a Blackpool Hotel suffered a double disaster recently when not only did his computer fail unexpectedly but the data that he had been religiously backed up to a portable USB Memory stick was also lost due to an unfortunate accident.

"When the computer failed, initially I was in panic, but having all of the important data backed up on my memory stick I soon calmed down and went about getting my computer repaired at a local shop. Once repaired I was ready to go, but once I returned home there was another surprise in store for me!  

I don't know how it happened but my memory stick, containing all of my business' valuable files was on the kitchen floor, bent right down the middle, I didn't know where to turn"

Luckily TRC Data Recovery were only a few clicks away as Tony used his repaired computer to search for companies capable of recovering lost data in this scenario.

Within 36 hours all of the important documents had been emailed back to Tony, who could commence work.

Hotel Manager Tony McReynolds thanked TRC Data Recovery Ltd with the following statement:

"The last thing that I expected was for my Memory Stick to fail as well as my computer, I guess that you simply never know what is going to happen!? Thanks to TRC Data Recovery I am now back to where I was before the failure with all of my accounts and business data securely backed up online! Thank you for all your help guys!"

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