Buffalo Release Tiny, Silent NAS

Buffalo Technology recently anounced the arrival of the LinkStation Mini, a product that they claim to be their smallest, quietest 1TB Network Attached device. The device features Gigabit Ethernet and two 500GB 2.5" laptop sized alongside iTunes integration, print serving and more.

The product initially sounds great, that is, until you look a bit further at how this device achieves the feat of 1TB of storage. The LinkStation Mini manages this by striping the two component drives into a RAID 0 array. The downside to this is that should one of the drives fail you lose 100% of your data, that is unless the file you want is no more than a few KBs in size, on the drive that still works and can be accurately located. We at TRC Data Recovery believe that bundling this device with data backup software (as Buffalo do), is a little irresponsible and may mislead the customer slightly as to the safety of any data stored on the device.

The good news is that there is also a more secure mirrored RAID 1 configuration, however if you go for this option you do not get the headline grabbing Terabyte that the device promises, instead of this you get 500GB of storage and the ability to sleep safer at night, knowing that certain catastrophe has been at least put on hold for at least a while!

TRC Data Recovery Ltd offer Buffalo LinkStation Data Recovery services.

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