Recovery Of Failed Compact Flash Card For London Production Company

What happens when you have been to deepest darkest Africa filming critically endangered animals and the only footage that you have of the trip is on a Compact Flash card that has inexplicably failed?

The answer is simple, you call in TRC of course!

Grain Media a specialist TV and film production company based in London were recently the unfortunate recipients of a Compact Flash card failure. The device, a 32GB Sandisk card simply stopped being recognised and was inaccessible to all of their equipment. After trying the device in numerous card readers, computers and cameras there was a concern that the data may have been lost for good.

Grain Media got in touch with TRC in early December 2012 for a quotation for recovery of the device. The card was promptly received and work began the very same morning.

The failed card was found to have a failed controller chip, rendering it and its content inaccessible by normal means, but that was no issue for the TRC Data Recovery team. After a comprehensive diagnostic of the device TRC quickly identified the fault and took action to extract the video footage directly from the flash memory chips. Painstaking work was then undertaken using specialist hardware and software to piece the lost data together.

TRC were able to successfully remove the wear-leveling algorithm used by the device as well as the manufacturer's implemented data obfuscation via a XOR key.

Less than 24 hours passed between receiving the card and the recovery work being completed. This irreplaceable footage had been completely recovered.

Grain had this to say:

Grain Media used TRC Data Recovery Services when a CF card with video files from a shoot in the Congo’s Virunga National Park failed, and couldn't be backed up. Filmed during the M23 rebel occupation of near-by Goma last November, the footage contained irreplaceable shots of the park's endangered mountain gorillas, including the important and joyful discovery of a new baby gorilla. Once the TRC technicians had received our CF card, they were able to salvage all of the video files within 24 hours which was a fantastic result. TRC kept us informed along the way of their recovery progress, and provided a fantastic, fast and reassuring service - thank you very much indeed to Chris and the team.

Amber Dobinson - Grain Media Ltd

And here is the Newly Discovered baby Gorilla:

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