Hitachi announced yesterday the release of two new additions to their CinemaStar range of hard disk drives.

With features such as relatively high capacities, cool operation and low power consumption, the CinemaStar range of storage devices by HGST are aimed at home media storage devices such as Windows Media Centres, the Apple TV, Mvix and other DVR equipment.

The two varieties are; the 2.5" consumer electronics bound C5K320 and a 3.5" 5K500. As usual the name pertains to the upper capacity limit of the hard drives, the 3.5" being 500GB and the 2.5" being 320GB.

The 5K500 drive introduces CoolSpin, a new spindle motor designed to limit peak current whilst the drive is spinning up as well as a lower continuous running power consumption. Benefits of CoolSpin include a lower overall operating temperature than competing hard drives. The new design in association with Hitachi's Silent seek technology also helps to achieve quieter operation.

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