Clean Out Your Inbox Week

Yep, a whole week dedicated to clearing out your inbox full of unwanted emails. Whoever thought of this week was obviously a very popular person; either that or they never deleted an email.

emails being deleted

This event commences on the 20th January until the 26th so if your email inbox is in need of a clear out then there is no better time than this to make sure everything in your inbox is organised and old out of date emails are disposed of.

It is important that your computer works to its full potential to prevent losing any vital data being lost. Having a full inbox of emails can slow down your computer’s performance, so you will notice the difference just from deleting the email’s you no longer have any use for.

An essential tip is to ensure that before you delete an email that you check it thoroughly so you aren’t trying to recover data at a later date. Some emails contain attachments, so checking that those attachments are stored on your computer or elsewhere on a hard drive is important again for the recovery of your data. Those emails that contain attachments such as files and images etc. will often take up more space than a normal email dependant on the attachments size, but by putting them onto a hard drive they are both safe and freeing up your inbox memory.

By deleting your emails you will have plenty of space for those new emails to come through and sit happily in your inbox. Sometimes emails have to wait until your inbox has been emptied because there’s no room for them to go. If you organise your emails into folders then you will be able to easily access your documents and data, yet another way to prevent data loss.

So, give your inbox a clean-up and be organised with all of your important documents.

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