Testimonial: Unbranded 8GB USB Memory Stick Recovery

TRC were contacted regarding lost data from an 8GB USB memory stick, which had suddenly stopped working.

The memory stick was unusually shaped, almost like a business card with a slide out USB connector. The device held important, irreplaceable data from a scientific study.

After speaking to a number of other data recovery services, the customer was told that the device was monolithic, and there was nothing they could do to retrieve their data.

Dismayed with being dismissed, they found TRC online and sent a quick, email with a brief description of the device and of what the previous recovery companies had said.

I was called back within the hour to discuss the problem and the technician was extremely friendly and knowledgeable.

After sending some photos through via email, the customer was advised that the device may be recoverable, and was sent details on how to package the memory stick securely in order to minimise any further damage, and the USB was sent in the post the next day.

A full recovery of this device was quickly achieved and returned to the customers, who had the following to say:

TRC Data Recovery received my device at roughly 12.30pm the day after and I had my data back in my possession by 5.30pm the same day! The Client Relationship Manager was in touch the whole time to update me on the progress of the recovery and was able to ensure I had my data back the same day. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending TRC Data Recovery and I would happily use them again, should I be stupid enough to keep my important data in one place! From my searching around, they are very competitively priced anyway, but you can’t put a price on friendly, expert service and the impression that they actually care about each individual case and how important the lost data is to the customer.

 H.Cockerill: A very satisfied customer of an unusually shaped 8GB memory stick recovery

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