Compare Data Recovery

TRC Data Recovery Ltd would like to make our visitors aware of an underhand tactic being employed by Fields Data Recovery.

Ourselves, and our colleagues within the data recovery industry, including:

MJM Data Recovery
Datatrack Labs
and others

are being unfairly represented on a a new comparison website, operated by Compare IT Ltd. Compare IT Ltd is a company operated by Fields Data Recovery employees and shows a clear conflict of interests, leading to biased, inaccurate and potentially damaging information. The information is shown at

Compare IT Ltd have weighted the outcome of any search carried out on the site in favour of Fields Data Recovery. The information that is held about TRC Data Recovery Ltd, our pricing and our facilities is wholly incorrect. No proof of Fields' credentials are shown on this site, our requests for proof of any of the information that is shown on the site.

TRC Data Recovery Ltd have not been asked to participate with this site. We have asked for our details to be removed from this site, as have our competitors, so far little progress has been made.

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