Corsair Survivor USB Flash Storage

Although not a new product our website news was not up in time to capture the original relaease of one of, if not the most rugged USB Flash drives we have seen requiring recovery.

The Corsair Survivor is a standard USB Flash drive offered in capacities from 4GB to 32GB, but has some unique qualities:

The drive is milled from anodized CNC (computer numerical control) aircraft-grade aluminium
Molded rubber/plastic shock protection
Water resistance to 200m (when sealed)
256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption for Windows based systems
Up to 34MB/s read performance
Up to 28MB/s write performance
And a fantastic 10 year warranty for the device

Unfortunately, even with all of the bases above covered the devices are not infallible. In a recovery case lately we discovered a Flash Survivor with a failed controller chip, luckily the NAND memory chips remained intact and the data was fully recoverable.

Whilst news of one of these devices having failed may not fill you with confidence in the product, it must be said that, of the many USB Flash devices TRC Data Recovery Ltd see each week, this is the first Survivor. Our opinion is that these devices are sturdy, rugged and a fantastic choice for storage and/or backup on the move.

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