Data Recovery: Toshiba Offer 240GB 1.8 Hard Drives

Toshiba's storage division has announced a further update to the companies line of 1.8" low power hard disk drives with new 4200 RPM offerings with boasting class leading capacities of up to 240GB.

The hard drives are aimed at small form factor notebook and laptop computers as well as embedded within consumer electronics devices such as media players, where power consumption and a small form factor are key to success.

Following Apple Inc's move to predominantly Flash Memory based devices with the iPhone and iPod Touch, leaving only the iPod Classic and the MacBook Air as a hard disk drive based consumer electronics device from the music player industry leader.

With the increasing viability of Flash based storage, in this, the area where Toshiba was so dominant for so long, It is believed that Toshiba will find these devices more difficult to offload than the millions that were flying off the shelf as little as two years ago.

The new drives come with the following specifications:

MK8031GAL: 80GB, 4200rpm PATA (Parrallel ATA)
MK1231GAL: 120 GB, 4200rpm PATA
MK2431GAH: 240 GB 4200rpm PATA

Information on our Toshiba Data Recovery Services can be found here, Toshiba Data Recovery.

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