Deal Between Fujitsu And WD Break Down

It looks like news reported by TRC Data Recovery in October of this year of Fujitsu's hard disk drive business being bought outright by Western Digital may not now be the case, at least according to the man heading up Fujitsu.

In an interview with Reuters, Fujitsu President Kuniaki Nozoe: “I won’t deny that we have had talks with Western Digital. But at the moment, there is zero chance of a deal”.

A strong Yen making any deal seem less attractive than it did in October may have some bearing on the statement. Western Digital have also stated publicly that due to reduced demand for their hard disk drive products they will be cutting both production and staff around the world, a situation that they do not see improving until at very least mid-2009.

“In the current macro economic climate, we expect demand weakness to last well into the middle of the 2009 calendar year. Consequently, we are taking additional steps to immediately reduce production capacity and operating expenses on a longer-term basis across our entire business as we approach the seasonally weaker second half of our fiscal year,” said president and chief executive officer of WD John Coyne at the time.

Western Digital themselves have not yet commented on the matter of talks with Fujitsu.

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