Decrypting The MHZ2 Encryption For Hard Drive Repair

In our article of the 28/4/2008 we discussed the release of the Fujitsu MHZ2 CJ hard disk drive family, the article can be found here.

We pondered the question, what does this mean to the data recovery industry? Well having dug a little deeper and having spoken to people in the know it is clear that once a decryption key is lost, the data is essentially lost, whilst still on the disk in its encrypted form, the data would be inaccessible, even to data recovery companies.

That is, however, assuming that the method of encryption key generation were not reproducible. Now to your average computer thief, even with limitless resources, this task would be nigh on impossible, however, TRC Data Recovery Ltd have learned that the key generation is reproducible...

...The outcome: If you are the genuine owner of the data, you are aware of your hard disk password, and the data recovery company has the know how; your data should be fully recoverable in most cases, however...

...The next step: Now that it has been established that the data is recoverable after a hard disk drive failure, we need to know how the drive behaves under certain failure conditions, such as media and sector degradation (bad sectors), mechanical and electrical peculiarities and a host of other failure types. As soon as these drives are available, you can be assured that we will be working on all of these issues.

We are currently waiting for shipment of the following model numbers:

MHZ2080CJ 80GB
MHV2120CJ 120GB
MHV2160CJ 160GB
MHV2250CJ 250GB
MHV2320CJ 320GB

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