Distance No Barrier To Portable Device Recovery

TRC Data Recovery Ltd have are pleased to announce their continued success showing that distance is no object when it comes to data recovery.

Showing international trade is certainly possible in portable device and file data recovery. TRC Data Recovery Ltd has a customer base which boasts recoveries from SD Cards and USB Flash Devices for clients located as far away as Norway, Peru, the Netherlands and Malta. In each case the customer was delighted to receive their data as they thought it unrecoverable.

TRC's excellent record in the recovery of solid state type devices complimenting their hard drive rebuild and raid data recovery operations are now reaching a gowing international market.

Having recovered the data, it is made available to clients via secure FTP download from our servers negating the need for a recovery disc or device being sent out helping in part to reduce the carbon footprint that is created when drives are sent to specialist centers like TRC Data Recovery Ltd has at Security House Sheffield.

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