File Copying Software For Mac OS X

Totus Copy is a software application by developer Dragon Forged for Apple's Mac OS X operating system. The software is designed for use in situations where the file copying ability of the Mac OS Finder is unable to successfully copy files from problem media, such as drives with bad sectors or those with poor read performance.

The idea behind the software is that by bypassing certain limitations in the Finder itself the software will be able to successfully recover data that would otherwise be inaccessible.

The application relies on your hard disk being mountable by the operating system and as such cannot help in all instances.

There is a potentially concerning warning on the product page that states simply:"Totus Copy can cause further damage to a failing hard drive. Anytime data is accessed on a failing hard drive that drive can become more damaged"

However, TRC Data Recovery do not see this as a failing of the product, indeed any utility designed to interrogate a failing hard disk drive can cause the device to deteriorate further. Sometimes, however, when all else has failed, all that remains is for a last ditch attempt using software available to you.

Should this fail there is always the reassurance of knowing that there are companies like TRC Data Recovery Ltd who can in practically in all cases successfully recover your files in their entirety.

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