Firms Advised To Back Up Twice!

Firms and home users have been urged to "double up" when they are backing up critcal data that they can't afford to lose. carries an article written by James Marshall outlining the fact that only one form of data storage can't be nor should be relied upon to be your sole backup. He states, as we do ourselves from years of experience, that CD's, USB Memory Sticks, SD Memory Cards and portable and internal hard drives are all subject to high enough failure rates to justify making an additional backup.

He said: "It makes sense to increase your odds of being able to retrieve a file by having a second back up of it; if the data is truly important, you might even want to think about storing a backup in a fireproof vault."

Mr Marshall also suggested that companies must warn employees of the dangers / implications of losing data. Many employees are simply unaware of the potential for even the potential for data loss and also of the financial and other implications of an this type of event occuring.

TRC Data Recovery have solutions to assist in incidences of data loss, however we also supply data backup facilities and can recommend a solution to ensure you are not the victoms of data loss.Contact us today should you have any questions regarding data backup or data loss.

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