Fujitsu Laptop Hard Disk Drive - 256-bit AES Encryption

A story that we managed to miss last week:

Last week (21/4/2008) Fujitsu launched the latest in the company's series of laptop hard drives with the MHZ2 CJ family of drives.

A link to the product specification released by Fujitsu can be found here.

The noteworthy features of this release include:

  • 7200rpm motor speed
  • Capacities up to 320GB
  • Serial ATA 3 Gb/s interface
  • Power consuption of 2.3 W under read/write operations
  • 256-bit AES full disk encryption (FDE)

Now most of the specs are in line with the offerings of other manufacturers, but the real noteworthy points are the power consumption, which whilst not industry leading is certainly admirable, and the 256-bit AES encryption.

There are currently drives on the market that support full disk encryption, in fact there have been for some time, Seagate introduced the first FDE drive, with the Momentus 5400 FDE.2, in March of 2007, two years after they first announced their intentions to produce one.

What sets Fujitsu's offering apart is that they have upped the protection level on their drives (maybe as more of a marketing stunt!) to support 256-bit keys, making the encrypted data more un-crackable than the currently, very un-crackable, 128-bit keys. As with the earlier Seagate drives, the encryption is carried out on the fly with no noticeable degradation of performance perceivable by the user.

What this means to the data recovery industry is yet to be seen, will the drives fail and need recovering at some point? Almost certainly, however, whilst we wait for that to happen we at TRC Data Recovery will pay close attention to this family and keep you up to date with how our hard drive recovery process will adapt to cater for this niche product.

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